a collection of stories, recipes, and life lessons told by three women all sharing life & a backyard. 

These are our stories of celebration and loss, hoping and striving. Our desire is to create a safe place for women + men to land. A space of encouragement and authenticity.  We hope you will join us.

Welcome to the space we share!


meet our authors:


a licensed counselor, an artist, and a homeschooling foster mom

wives & mothers, all in different seasons, but each with a heart for a simpler way of living 

Jana is an empty nester, licensed counselor, and full time grandma who loves hosting gatherings and a good renovation project. She is our resident matriarch and source of wisdom, as is evident in the blogs she writes. Alyssa is a musician's wife, part-time marketing coordinator, and stay at home mama to an energetic two year old boy - the same little toddler who made Jana a grandmother. (If you didn't catch that, Alyssa is Jana's daughter.) She is blessed to live next door to her parents and share life on a daily basis. Amber and her sweet family made the space complete when they moved into the house behind Alyssa's. She homeschool's her two beautiful daughters and currently fosters an adorable little boy. She is a crunchy, soap-making wife and mom with all the natural remedies up her sleeve.