Living Hope

Living Hope

Easter always sends me into a time of reflection and I often find myself on my knees as I take the time to remember what Jesus endured. It’s the time of year where I try to forget about everything that is going on in my little world and remember what He went through so I could have this life.

I’ve been caught up in myself these past few months. A lot has happened with my family and our journey in fostering. I get discouraged and even bitter at times. Then I remember that not only do I have hope, but I have The Living Hope. Jesus may have endured death and hell, but He didn’t stay there. He conquered it all and that hope that I have is living, breathing and moving. If that doesn’t get you a little excited, I don’t know what will. 

We all have stuff going on in our lives, stuff we have shared with family and friends. But we also have stuff we keep to ourselves, stuff that is like a little dark corner in our heart. It’s where I keep worry and fear. It’s where anxiousness hides out until I give it an inch, then it takes a mile. It’s where my anger sits, taunting me to lash out. It’s our own little versions of hell we carry around with us. I know when I start to feel overwhelmed, like I’m in too deep or I just can’t catch a break, it’s because those things are starting to creep out. That’s the enemies job, to steal, kill and destroy. He steals my joy, kills my hopes and destroys my dreams. But that’s not where I have to let it end. 

I will cultivate an attitude of thankfulness and joy, refusing to dress rehearse tragedy and torment myself with all the ways things could go wrong..png


My life doesn’t have to be lived like that. I forget that all the time. I will probably keep forgetting, too. That’s life. But it doesn’t change that Jesus wants my life to the full! Things won’t always go my way, and things will hurt me. My plans are just that, my plans. I keep forgetting to lay my life down at the foot of the cross that Jesus carried and died on for me. His death doesn’t ensure me an always healthy, happy life. But His resurrection does ensure me an eternity of walking in His presence. It promises me that I will always have someone to hear my cries and  calm my heart. He will shine His Glory on those dark places and the enemy will flee. 

I guess it’s all about perspective. If I spend enough time looking at my life, I forget about the life that Jesus lived and gave up for me. He endured more than any of us ever had to or have to. He did it out of love for us. That’s the point out of any of our lives. We do things out of love for others. It was never really about us anyway. When we take our eyes off of ourselves and look to The Living Hope, we really have all we need. 

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foster update

Butterfly has returned to her parents, please be praying for them. 

Little Man is doing very well. Keep his foster parents in your prayers as they are encountering some road blocks to keeping him. 

Sparrow continues to be our hope and dream. She is growing and has started saying “dada.” We couldn’t possibly love her more. Please keep her and us in your prayers as we aren’t sure what her future is with us and we can’t bear the thought of losing her. 

And our newest addition, Nany, is just the sweetest little girl. She is adjusting to our crazy life and we love her so much! 


I pray this Easter you would take the time to really remember that not only is there hope in all your circumstances, but Living Hope. 

He is Risen!


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