When You're Feeling Restless

When You're Feeling Restless

Anyone else feeling a bit restless lately? Like there’s something more you’re supposed to be doing but you can’t quite get past all the have-to’s of the day to the thing that’s calling out to you? The calendar turns to March and suddenly the new year is no longer new. Days tick by like minutes and the unsung song just keeps playing quietly in the background.

I remember a worship pastor years ago talking about a “holy restlessness” or a “holy discontentment”. It’s that nagging feeling in your soul telling you there’s more. I don’t mean more stuff to buy or more accomplishments to achieve. I mean more grace and love and fullness to receive in Christ and more meaningful work and purpose to be lived out as we align our hearts with His and give Him free reign to live & love through us.


I love Francis Chan’s thought-provoking words. “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” The hard part for me sometimes is figuring out which things truly do matter. My schedule so easily fills up, mostly with good things, and yet there’s a restlessness telling me I may be letting the “good” suffice for the best. 

Just read a great little book – and when I say little, I mean it looks more like a brochure than a book – called Tyranny of the Urgent. It’s about how our greater purposes and dreams continually get pushed to the background because day after day “urgent” matters crowd the top of the list and leave no room for anything else. It’s the email that demands a response right now, the stack of laundry or dishes or bills silently crying out for attention, the unfinished project, the request from that person you don’t want to disappoint. 

What if… like my friend Casey Walker says about her amazing story… “one yes became a thousand movements of God”. 

Can you relate? Can we get re-grounded together? I’ve been pressing hard into the throne room of God, seeking to sync my heartbeat with His so I’ll know how to spend the precious time and resources allotted to me in this life. And as I’m doing this, one thing keeps rising to the top. Of all the things I hope to do this year, this feels like the one I can’t not do. I’m putting it out there as an Inciting Incident, because once you tell someone it becomes real. Right? 

For years I’ve been collecting information and making plans to start a QuarterLifer’s workshop for stuck millennials. Assessments, coaching tools, research, stories, reflection questions, on and on. I have quite the collection sitting, unused, in a 3-ring binder. Recently it hit me this would work well in a weekly group setting and not only for quarter lifers, but for mid-lifers or anyone in a season of feeling stuck. It’s a word I hear all the time in the counseling room… “I just feel STUCK.” So I want to start hosting groups designed to help us get unstuck. To unclog the blockage and reclaim a sense of direction and intentionality. To become one another’s cheerleaders and alongsiders as we prayerfully discover our next right step.


So there it is. Sounds so simple. That’s my thing that calls out to me but keeps being swept aside, pushed to the background because the tyranny of the urgent always wins. But what if it didn’t? What if that could change? What if… like my friend Casey Walker says about her amazing story… “one yes became a thousand movements of God”. 

What about you? What weighs on your heart and creates a holy restlessness but continually gets pushed to the bottom of the list because you don’t quite know how to start or you’re afraid or just too dang busy? Let’s challenge each other here. Create an Inciting Incident. Tell someone. Take one step today toward making it a reality. And maybe your dream will cast a stone across the waters that creates many ripples, and my dream will do the same, and together we can make a splash big enough to change the world.


Praying for you, my friend! Pray for me too.


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