25 Life-Lessons I’ve Learned from my Mom

25 Life-Lessons I’ve Learned from my Mom

In honor of my mom’s birthday this week, I thought it would only be fitting to share some of the wisdom I’ve collected from her over the years. Most of the lessons she’s taught have been through example rather than words. After years and years of observing her values and the patterns that make up her days, here are some of the gems I have picked up along the way: 

  1. Gratitude is a discipline to be formed, not a feeling that comes and goes

  2. A home is meant to be shared. The more seats at the table, the better.

  3. The time spent in God’s presence each morning is perhaps the most important thing you will do that day

  4. Travel to your heart’s content, but build a life that’s worth coming home to


5. Crying can be therapeutic. So can getting your hands dirty in the garden or taking a long walk.

6. Cooking is best done while listening to Amos Lee or Frank Sinatra

7. You can never have too many candles

8. A few do-life-together friends are better than 1,000 acquaintances

9. It’s ok to not have your phone on you 100% of the time (even if it sometimes drives the rest of your family crazy)

10. Always be serving in some form or capacity

11. A house is not a shelter from the outside but a sanctuary for outsiders


12. Happiness is a by-product of walking in passion and truth. To pursue happiness as a means to an end is a fleeting endeavor.

13. Boundaries are healthy, but so is serving others

14. There’s a difference between contentment and complacency

15. You can never have too many projects or Pinterest boards


16.Apparently Mama Mia 2 is the best movie ever

17. Regardless of your color scheme, incorporate the color yellow. Preferably the front door.

18. It’s never too late to begin the pursuit of a new calling

19. Not all callings are forever. Some are just for seasons.

20. Being passionate about your work doesn’t mean you never have hard days or doubts about the path you’ve chosen

21. Always plant flowers


22. A little dark chocolate and red wine in the evening is good for the heart (and the soul)

23. Small houses make for more intimate gatherings

24. There is a way to pursue your dreams and still walk in wisdom

25. Creating an atmosphere of trust and openness with your children will get you much farther than a set of rigid rules.

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