An Awakening

An Awakening

Hello to everyone with ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to be moved. My name is Joy. I am a wife, mother, and someone always being moved with compassion. Lately I have come to realize that compassion alone is not enough. I love compassion, but if I do not do anything with it, it just seems to be wasted. I am always tempted to see myself as just, Joy. The Joy that everyone else told me that I was. The Joy full of fear. The Joy that is quiet and afraid. The Joy that is not gifted enough to do great things. Can you relate?

I was always watching and being inspired by how others could lead and make great things happen, never believing that I could. I never saw myself as one with a voice. I never thought I could actually start something great. It was only the "great" people that could do that.

Thank God that I now know that these are all lies. I can make a difference! I can start something powerful! I can do great things!

A few days ago I finally said yes! I said yes to the stirring that God has placed in my heart. I said yes to actually making a difference instead of just staying in my compassion. My journey really started after I watched a movie about sex-trafficking. After I saw it, I could barely function. My husband came home and tried to have a conversation, but all I could say was, "We are living as if we don't even know about human trafficking!” I asked him, "How can we continue with even one more day without doing something about it?" The more I focused on it, the more my heart stirred.


My treasured friend (we all need one) encouraged me with the words, One step at a time. I suddenly realized that it's all that it takes. One step. She challenged me to write down 5 steps that I can take. So I did. Now here I am, meeting you, sharing my journey, asking for you to join me.

I ask for you to clear your thoughts.

Did you do it?

I need your full attention.

Please open your heart and imagine you are hearing what I am about to share for the first time. If you are brave and willing, imagine these facts are about you or someone close to you.

Here we go:

I tried to put this into words, but words do not do what I want to do for you.

Instead, I want to ask you to please watch this video. It's not just a video. It's a gift. By watching this video you will be receiving a gift and giving a gift. You will be receiving a gift for yourself, and giving a gift to your family, and to innocent victims that need you, your compassion, and your voice.

Be The One

After you have watched the video, please comment on how you are impacted. Please let us know what is stirring in your heart. Please share how you are moved to help.

Here are some amazing references for you to be blessed by. If you have any others that are not listed, please share with us.



8 Days


TEDx Talks (key words human trafficking)



Poiema Foundation

Refuge for Women

As Our Own

The Crisis

If you are wanting to help right away, but not sure what to do, you can start by helping with a funraiser that my friend and I are involved with called A21. Here is a video to learn more about A21 and also a link to donate.


Love and Blessings to you all!!!

Together, we are Stronger!

Together, we are Louder!

Together, we move Mountains!


♥ Joy

Cover Image by: Simon Maage on Unsplash

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