How To Make Gypsy Cream

How To Make Gypsy Cream

One of the things I miss most about my old farm is the area in my kitchen that was dedicated to making my herbal tonics and creams. It was situated by a window, and I could look out and see one of the water tanks. Our ducks would swim in it and the cows would “skinny dip” on particularly hot days. It was inevitable, living on a farm, that some one would come in with some sort of “owie.” 


One of my favorite natural remedies for any sort of burn, cut or bruise is what has been dubbed, “Gypsy Cream.” 

It is a beautiful concoction that is made with: Gotu Kola, coconut oil, vitamin E oil, beeswax, and Tea Tree, Lavender and Thieves essential oils from Young Living. 

This really is magic in a jar.

Got Kola is an herb that is found growing wild in India. it is known for its use with skin disorders and wound healing. I found this herb in my extensive research while trying to find a remedy for Izzie’s eczema. The doctors wanted her on a steroid cream 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. That seemed very drastic. She was in desperate need of something that she could use whenever she had a flair up and me not worry about the side effects. My trusty Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine book came in very handy. Got Kola is very pungent. It is intensely earthy and doesn’t smell the best, but it works wonders. 

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Coconut oil is wonderful for skin moisturizing with an added bonus of being a mild sunscreen. Vitamin E Oil is also great for dry skin with added antioxidants for healing. Beeswax is used to help firm up the cream so it isn’t just liquid, but it also helps to create a protective wall by holding in the moisture from the oils. It’s also packed with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Tea Tree Oil is added for its cleansing, Thieves is added to help stem infection and Lavender helps soothe the skin and is what makes this cream smell so good. 

I start by collecting all my ingredients. I purchase my dried Gotu Kola from The Thyme Herb Garden. Coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and beeswax can be found at many health markets. As always, I only use pure oil and trust Young Living. For more information on that, just message me. 

gypsy cream recipe

  • You will need 2 Cups of Coconut Oil
  • 60 grams of beeswax
  • 120 grams if dried herb
  • 1 tsp of vitamin E oil
  • 6 drops of each essential oil except Lavender, I use 10

I put the coconut oil, beeswax (chopped) and dried herb in a glass bowl over a double boiler and stir occasionally. It will all melt down and you want to let it simmer for 3 hours. It won’t smell great, but trust the process. 

Remove and strain using a muslin clothe. Stir slowly and continuously until it cools and sets. After it has cooled, so as not to disrupt the properties of the oils, I add them in and stir. Then spoon it into small jars and store in a cool, dry place. 

I have recently been reminded of how wonderful it is for diaper rash too. This cream has been a skin saver for Izzie. Toby uses his hands a lot at work and often with chemicals. This cream has helped to heal his severely dry, chapped and even peeling hands. When the cold or flu hits and your nose is raw from the contact dripping and blowing, it calms the red irritated skin. This really is magic in a jar. 


I know this may seem like a lot to tackle, if you are interested in the cream, but not in the making, let me know. I do sell it and am happy to do the work for you. 

♥ amber

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