We Can't Forget Ourselves

We Can't Forget Ourselves

This summer has been a beating, emotionally and otherwise. I’m learning how to be a foster parent, how to love someone else’s kid that is becoming like my own,  and how to say goodbye when the time comes. I have felt emotions I didn’t know existed. I am exhausted. I have also realized how little I ask for help, or take time for me. 

As one of the world’s “okayest" moms, thank you Alyssa, I really connected with that, I need to take time to get my cup filled. To do the things that bring me a restoring peace so I can keep being a healthy mom and wife. 

Why do we always put ourselves last? Why do we let ourselves get to the point where we are so dry and empty we feel like an island, alone in a sea of people? 

I am a firm believer that we all need to take time to do the things that we love most. It’s refreshing and restoring for our souls. We NEED to take time for ourselves. Like really NEED to. 

This week is one of my favorite weeks. It’s my week to visit my family, in my most favorite place, the beach. 

I come alive at the beach, the smell of the ocean, the sound of the waves. It’s my place. When life seems out of sync, I find my rhythm here. Most people hate all the sand, it gets everywhere. I love it. I love the feel of it in my hair, I don’t mind taking a bite of a snack with sand in it, or seeing my car full of it. It makes me feel accomplished somehow. 

I don’t mind driving 12 hours in a car with 3 kids, one who doesn’t super love the car, “Butterfly” likes to spread her wings, one who will no doubt get car sick, always pack a barf bag, and one who can sleep through it all. My sister and I braved this trip with her 4 boys and my 3 girls, caravanning through 5 states to get to my “happy place.”  The stops are often, because girls can’t pee in bottles, but it’s all worth it. 

We are napping on the beach, filling our days with sun, and sand. 

Our little Butterfly has found her happy place too. She absolutely LOVES the beach. She squeals with laughter when the waves crash over her, her eyes light up when feet hit the sand. She digs those little toes deep, likes she's planting some roots. 

This is an experience she may never remember, but at least she got to go on this adventure with us. At least she got to see a new place and eat some sand!

I have to challenge you, because I wouldn’t be a good friend if I didn’t. You need to take time for you. You need to find that thing, or that place that fills your cup and makes you the best “okayest" mom and/or wife and/or person you can be. We can’t put ourselves last, all of the time. Sometimes you just gotta pack the car and go. Head for the hills, or the beach or the mountains, or your backyards, and just breath. Here’s the kicker, you are NOT allowed to feel guilty for taking this time! You aren’t allowed to worry about the things on your to do list. We can’t keep forgetting ourselves. Whether you agree or not, you deserve to have some fun, to take a break and JUST GO! 

 I will leave you with the wise words of my man,

“ Life is busy. We get caught up in the whirlwind of trying to manage it. Trying to get everything done. We try to create our perfect lives, our perfect relationships, our end goal of who we want to be. Yes, I agree with goals and striving to be everything you have the potential to be. However, there are times you just need to let go. To just feel. To close your eyes and let the wind blow over you. Let the sound of the leaves give rhythm to heartbeats. Let some old country road take you to places you’ve never been. Let there be something in your life that reminds you of the wild inside of you.” 
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