What You Were Not Created For

What You Were Not Created For

When I was a little girl, I had this (completely rational) fear of gingivitis. I know, it’s super embarrassing to admit, but I literally couldn’t eat a piece of candy without having to mentally overcome this battle of getting “the most common gum disease.” Thank you dental advertising companies for making halloween a real nightmare for this 8 year old. 


On a slightly more serious note, as a woman who has battled fear and anxiety for most of my life, I have been forced to press in deep and rediscover truths about who I am and who I was created to be.

When I was about sixteen years old, I learned that the name “Alyssa” means Truth. For whatever reason, that knowledge ignited something within me. The Word says the truth will set us free. Isn’t that what so many of us are constantly searching for? Freedom from addiction, or worry, or depression or debt or loneliness or all of the above? The meaning of my name is that quiet, constant reminder that the key to my freedom lies within me, and the only way to unlock the door that stands between me and the life I am called to is speaking out truth. 

 During my last bout of anxiety, while I was freaking out over a medical scare that turned out to be nothing, I found myself scribbling fervently in my journal, words I knew I needed to hear. And once finished, I put the pen down and re-read them to myself, realizing that these words weren’t meant just for me. I believe they are for you, as well.


"You were not created to be afraid.

You were not created to be weak, alone, victimized, or insecure. You were also not created to be selfish, unkind, or apathetic.

Contrary to what today’s culture may have told you, you were not created to be popular, rich, comfortable, or untouched.


You were, howevercreated to be bold, strong, unified, confident, selfless, kind, powerful, joyful, + free. 

You were created because you are an irreplacable piece in this giant puzzle we are all in and satan’s number one goal is to keep you from finding your place. He will use fear, lies, deceit and whatever he can to keep you from walking in the truth of who you are in Christ. 

You were created by God, for God and He alone writes your story, so quit handing the devil the pen. Your greatest power is the spirit of God within you, and it’s time you start using it. Find the truth, wear it around your neck, engrave it on your arm. 

You are worthy, powerful, and redeemed. You are a victor, and the battle has already been won. Claim your victory."




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