What Seeds Did You Plant Today?

What Seeds Did You Plant Today?

This past month has been a weird transition from graduating college to being a full-time stay at home mom to very recently working part-time. In the weeks between finishing school and starting my job, I felt an unusual amount of pressure to answer the question, “what did you do today?” I found myself feeling embarrassed if I couldn’t collect enough items on my agenda to justify my existence as a stay-at-home mom. I was ashamed when I felt like I often had very little to show for my work at the end of the day. Sure the laundry was folded and mouths were fed, but only for the process to repeat the following day.

I realize that this pressure was mostly internal. No one was asking me how much I accomplished that day. But it compelled me to change the question. Instead of asking myself, what do I have to show for my work? I have decided to start asking what seeds did I plant today?


We, as a society, put so much stock in tangible productivity that we often forget it’s the subtle, long term investments that raise a child to be kind and courageous. That make us better humans—five, ten, twenty years down the road. Ironically, these are the investments that rarely warrant making it on the to-do list.

I’m planting seeds when I spend time in prayer, believing the prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective.

I’m planting seeds when I go for a run or make a smoothie because I’m investing in my overall health and well-being.


I’m planting seeds every time I choose to have a teaching moment with Cyrus over taking the easy out.

I’m planting seeds when I send an encouraging text or Facebook message to a friend because you truly never know how much they needed to hear those words.

And when I find myself in the throes of monotonous laundry and grocery lists, up to my elbows in dishes, I will remind myself that I am planting seeds that make our home a place worth returning to at the end of a long day. And I’m investing in my marriage by deeming my husband worthy of a hot meal and a clean shirt.

I’m planting seeds when I take the time to learn something new or extend grace and forgiveness, or merely by spending time in the Lord’s presence, soaking up his Word.

I’m planting seeds when I paint a picture, simply because it brings me joy and joy always deserves a seat at the table.


Every single day, I’m planting seeds. Some habitual and often unnoticed (like taking a vitamin with breakfast) and others that require more thought and intentionality. But when I stop looking back on my day in light of all I have to show for myself and begin reflecting on all the little seeds I planted, the more satisfied I am with my work and my life. These days I check few things off the to-do list, but I have to believe I’m planting seeds that will bear fruit for years to come.


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