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How To Love A Foster Mom

Not everyone is in a place in their lives where they can be a foster family. This does not mean that there is nothing else you can do. There are SO many ways you can get involved.

Steady, As She Goes

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have thought about this phrase in more than one way this past week. In terms of staying the course, I have questioned whether or not fostering was the right choice for our family. It has wrecked us.

Where The Grass Is Greenest

As I sit in this quiet, empty living room, listening to the faint hum of the noisemaker breathing through the baby monitor, I’m overcome with this deep fulfillment but also an unrelenting sadness.

Hard And Holy Things

Yesterday afternoon, I sat with a dear friend on my front porch, sharing a slice of leftover birthday cake, while she expressed the heartache and frustrations that come with

These Days

These days are not what I expected they would be. They are both harder and better. More chaotic and more satisfying. I thought the tired-eyed, fuzzy-headed, new mom thing would have worn off by now, but it hasn’t.

Putting On the Running Shoes

I used to be a pretty good runner. Like, I genuinely enjoyed it. But that was back in high school-- the better part of a decade ago, when my body was a tiny, lean mass of muscle and I had never given birth.

World's Okayest Mom

Let me begin with the disclaimer that I'm not writing this for affirmation or fishing for compliments. This is for the fellow moms who might feel the same way I do from time to time. I hope you can be encouraged to know there are others of us. With that said…

Fostering Authenticity

Imagine having your whole life under a microscope. I mentioned this in my last blog. I said I didn’t care, because I don’t have anything to hide. The truth is,