On Marrying My Best Friend

One cold February evening, nearly six years ago, when I was at the tail end of my internship at CCM, my dad drove all the way to east Texas to take me out to dinner. He had a small, wrapped bag with him containing

Making Room

It strikes me as sadly ironic – as I’m clearing out my fall decorations to make room for Christmas – that there was no room for them in the inn.

The Gift of Giving

Thanksgiving was great -- I am sure we all sufficiently stuffed ourselves with all the trimmings and desserts. We gave thanks for our many blessings and spent quality with friends and family.

These Days

These days are not what I expected they would be. They are both harder and better. More chaotic and more satisfying. I thought the tired-eyed, fuzzy-headed, new mom thing would have worn off by now, but it hasn’t.

An Open Invitation

Fall made its opening debut early this week, enticing us with crisp, clear mornings and crystal blue skies. They say fall is a southerner’s reward for surviving the summer.

Managing Fall Stress

I love Fall. It’s my favorite time of year. But it also tends to be the season where I take on WAYYYY more than I should. Maybe the excitement of the cooler weather and

What You Were Not Created For

When I was a little girl, I had this (completely rational) fear of gingivitis. I know, it’s super embarrassing to admit, but I literally couldn’t eat a piece of candy without having to mentally overcome this battle of getting “the most common gum disease.”

Putting On the Running Shoes

I used to be a pretty good runner. Like, I genuinely enjoyed it. But that was back in high school-- the better part of a decade ago, when my body was a tiny, lean mass of muscle and I had never given birth.

Tending To Your Soul

What is it about Sundays lately that makes me feel sad? I know – because I tell people all the time – that you have to listen to what your emotions are telling you.

We Can't Forget Ourselves

This summer has been a beating, emotionally and otherwise. I’m learning how to be a foster parent, how to love someone else’s kid that is becoming like my own,  and how to say goodbye when the time comes. I have felt emotions I didn’t know existed.

World's Okayest Mom

Let me begin with the disclaimer that I'm not writing this for affirmation or fishing for compliments. This is for the fellow moms who might feel the same way I do from time to time. I hope you can be encouraged to know there are others of us. With that said…