Steady, As She Goes

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have thought about this phrase in more than one way this past week. In terms of staying the course, I have questioned whether or not fostering was the right choice for our family. It has wrecked us.

To The Mother Hearts

Mother’s Day takes on a vast multitude of forms depending on who you are talking to. I have friends who are mothers of biological children and adopted children, step-mothers, foster-mamas,

Welcome To The Porch

I’ve always been drawn to the big old Southern porches. There’s something romantically nostalgic about them, like they hold the secret to lazy summer afternoons and fresh squeezed lemonade and kids chasing fireflies after dark.

Where The Grass Is Greenest

As I sit in this quiet, empty living room, listening to the faint hum of the noisemaker breathing through the baby monitor, I’m overcome with this deep fulfillment but also an unrelenting sadness.

When Your Cup Is Empty

It seems that everyone I’ve talked to lately is in need of having their cup refilled.. myself included. So I invite you to sit & linger for just a bit, pour yourself another cup of coffee, and let’s chat about what a full-cup, overflowing life might look like.

Living Hope

Easter always sends me into a time of reflection and I often find myself on my knees as I take the time to remember what Jesus endured.

Learning How to Fight Hatred

This is not something we typically address on The Space We Share, but in a world where mere difference of opinion is cause for so much division and hatred, I feel the need to share my heart on the matter. 

Jump On In!

I’ve mentioned before that I like the practice of choosing a word for the year. Sort of a scaled-down mission statement as I move from one year into the next. This isn’t something I do flippantly;

Hard And Holy Things

Yesterday afternoon, I sat with a dear friend on my front porch, sharing a slice of leftover birthday cake, while she expressed the heartache and frustrations that come with